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Summer 2022 Tech Internships for Egyptian Students 👩‍💻



If you know any good internship related to the tech field (choose one) :

  • Make a Pull Request
  • Fill this google form 🤗 ❤️

Tips for the interview

Some of the internships may require a technical interview

Stack Info

Stack Info allows you to explore and find tech stacks used by startups and corporates in Egypt.

Internships 👔

Name Location Notes status
ARQQA Not Mentioned Open - Paid - The program starts in July
Appgain Giza Open - Paid
Beetleware Software Testing Not Mentioned Open - With Bonus full stack internship Remote Open - Paid Intern
Blink22 Alexandria Not Yet
Brainnest Remote Open - Data Analysis
Capiter Unknown Open
Cloudastick Not Mentioned Open
Corporatica Machine Learning internship Cairo Open
Codeaza Technologies Remote Open
CodeScalers Cairo Open
Corporatica software internship Cairo Open
Cross workers Cairo Open
Dell Cairo Open - Undergraduate Technical Support Intern
Emarat Al-Ard reseach Insitute Remote Open - Unpaid Intern - Data Analysts Intern
E-num Remote Open
Enozom Alexandria Not Yet
Espace Remote Open - Paid Intern - Deadline: End of June
Gameball Cairo Open - Kickstart program
Giza Systems Cairo Open
Gold's Gym Egypt Maadi Open - Paid Intern: 2000 To 3000 EGP Per Month
Hash Studio Monufia Open - Multiple interns
Identity Solutions Mobile apps & web development focus - deadline: 30th of June
Incorta Alexandria Not Yet
Innuva Alexandria Not Yet
Inova Alexandria Open - Paid Intern
Lafarge Egypt Cairo Open - Multiple Interns
Leetcode Worldwide Open- Paid Intern - Full Stack Intern
Magdsoft Nasr City- Cairo Open - unpaid Intern - PHP Intern
MaxAB Cairo Open
Machinfy Cairo Open - Data Science internship - Deadline: 25 June
Mega Trust (Flutter&PHP Training) Alexandria Open - Unpaid Training - Requires experience in Flutter or PHP
Metas Studio (Mobile Application Developer (Flutter)) Alexandria Open - Paid
MLH Fellowship Remote Open - Paid Intern - Open Source Projects
Nichepharma Sheikh Zayed, Giza Open - Paid Intern
Novomind Poet Alexandria Not Yet
Orange Remote Open
O Projects Cairo Open - Multiple interns
P&G Intern Cairo Open
Pharos Solutions Alexandria Open
Procrew Alexandria Open - Paid - UI Developer Internship
Raya Cairo Open - Data analysis - Deadline: 25/06/2022
R2S Cairo Open - Paid - web-dev/database/testing
Sahl Smart Village - Egypt Open
Stepinside V-commerce Smouha, Alexandria Open - Paid Intern -Web Designer Intern
Seuqel Solutions Downtown Cairo MERN Internship Paid - DeadLine: 30/06/2022
Smartera Alexandria Not Yet
SMC Cairo Open- Unpaid Intern
SIEMENS Not Mentioned Open - Deadline on June 30
SIEMENS Healthineers Hyprid Open - DeadLine: 30/06/2022
Technocolabs Softwares Remote Open - Machine Learning Engineer Interns
The Sparks Foundation GRIP Remote Open - Unpaid Intern
TPAY Mobile Cairo Open - Deadline: 25/06/2022
Tweag OpenSource Fellowship Remote Open source - Paid Intern - Deadlines on March 30 and September 30
Twitter Software Engineer Intern Worldwide Open
Versed AI Remote Open - Data Analysis Intern
Zep Analytics Internship Remote Open- Unpaid Intern, it can be Paid based on performance - ML Intern

Closed Internships 🗃️

Name Location Notes status
AFKAR Technology Cairo Closed
Algoriza Cairo Closed
Acoustic Flexible Hybrid Model Closed
Ahram security Group Sharqia Closed
ARPU PLUS Giza - Egypt Closed
ATLC Microsoft Cairo Closed
Atomica C++ Software Engineer internship Cairo Closed
Brightskies Alexandria Closed
Cegedim Cairo Closed
Coformatique Cairo Closed
Dropbox software intern Remote Closed
Easy System Cairo Closed
Edvora Remote Closed
EgSA Cairo Closed
EVA Pharma Cairo Closed
Eventum Alexandria Closed
EYouth Giza Closed
GirlScript Summer of Code OpenSource program Remote Closed
Google Summer of Code Remote Closed
HackerRank Software intern Remote Closed
Hoopoe Digital Remote Closed
IBM Technical support intern Cairo Closed
Instabug Cairo Closed
Itida Cairo Closed
Izam Mohandessin - Giza Closed
Jumia Software intern Cairo Closed
LFX Mentorship Remote Closed
Link Development Cairo Closed
Linkedin backend intern Worldwide Closed
Master Micro software Remote Closed
Outreachy Remote Closed
Pinterest Software Engineer Intern Dublin-Ireland Closed
Raisa Energy Tech Cairo-hybrid Closed
Rubikal Remote Closed
Shahry Cairo Closed
ShiftEv Cairo Closed
Sprints Alexandria & Remote Closed
Sumerge Cairo Closed
Summer of Bitcoin Remote Closed
synapse analytics Cairo Closed
Tatbeek Smart Village or Remotely Closed
Terminix Traditionally On-Site, may be Hybrid Closed
Town4One Sheikh Zayed Closed
Trella Cairo Closed
Trianglz Alexandria Closed
Valeo Cairo Closed
VERO Cairo Closed
Vezeeta Cairo Closed
Vodafone Giza Closed
Webalo Alexandria Closed
WebsOps Cairo Closed


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