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Hi there 👋

  • 🕸️ Web developer, specialized in frontend
  • 📖 Open source fan
  • 🎓 PhD in Memology

I like to see the full picture and I'm not afraid to try new things, which leads me to the point where I can handle a whole project on my own, from idea, through design, frontend and backend code, automation pipelines, hosting, to analytics tools.

While I wouldn't consider myself as a full-stack developer, this set of skills let me to be a glue between teams, let me easier create company processes, design project architectures and improve developer tools.

📫 How to reach me


I started doing web when I was 15yo, customizing and converting some PSD to HTML + CSS for local business 🤓

In 2012 did my first serious project, SCADA app admin panel for steering sewage pump stations / treatment plants. It looks like I was doing PWA, before it ever exist 😎, because it was a build on purpose instead of native mobile apps.

After giving college a quick, one year, try (or maybe the opposite 😅), I stared working full time on various Ruby on Rails based projects, mostly startups and ecommerce, which learn me to write a lot of code in short time, once did 12k LoC in a week 🔥.

Between 2014 and 2022 I worked at Snowdog an ecommerce specialized software house, started as a second frontend developer in company that have about 20 people, end as a Head of Frontend department with 15+ in my team and 70+ total in company, and a board of directors member.


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