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# Note: this requirements.txt file is used to specify what dependencies are
# needed to make the package run rather than for deployment of a tested set of
# packages. Thus, this should be the loosest set possible (only required
# packages, not optional ones, and with the widest range of versions that could
# be suitable)
jinja2 >= 3.0.0
PyYAML >= 5.1 # PyYAML 5.1 is required for Python 3.8+ support
# NOTE: resolvelib 0.x version bumps should be considered major/breaking
# NOTE: and we should update the upper cap with care, at least until 1.0
# NOTE: Ref:
# NOTE: When updating the upper bound, also update the latest version used
# NOTE: in the ansible-galaxy-collection test suite.
resolvelib >= 0.5.3, < 0.9.0 # dependency resolver used by ansible-galaxy