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Awesome Black Developers Awesome

Talks, blog posts, and interviews amplifying the voices of Black developers on GitHub because #BlackLivesMatter

@aprilspeight @bdougie @dayhaysoos @ifiokjr @m0nica @Prophen
@aprilspeight @bdougie @dayhaysoos @ifiokjr @m0nica @Prophen
@kjaymiller @developerayo @swannodette @lipemorais @brandonroberts @lwgray
@kjaymiller @developerayo @swannodette @lipemorais @brandonroberts @lwgray
@torch2424 @imolorhe @ThePhD
@torch2424 @imolorhe @ThePhD


  • Vogue and Code (project)
  • My Career Transition Story (video)


  • Open Sauced (project)
  • Your next open source contribution (video)


  • use-shopping-cart (project)
  • How to ask for help without feeling like a burden. (blog)



  • ReactLadies (community)
  • Personal Growth From Open-Source And Meetups With Monica Powell (blog)
  • Delete Your Code and Other Reflections from Coderetreat Day (podcast)


  • PopSchools (project)
  • How I discovered my voice (blog)


  • Productivity in Tech (project)
  • PIT Reflection: GitHub Sponsors, Talking to Mentors, and Writing Docs (podcast)


  • DevRelChat (podcast)
  • unStack Africa (community)
  • Lazy Loading images progressively and bundle analyzing in Webpack (video)



  • AfroPython (community)
  • The world is more than we can see with our lenses (blog)
  • AfroPython: Empowering black people using Python in Brazi (video)
  • How to receive feedback (blog)



  • "Yellowbrick: Machine Learning Visualization (project)



  • āœØāš”ļø A beautiful feature-rich GraphQL Client for all platforms. (project)


šŸ’…šŸ¾ Contributing

Additional suggestions are welcomed! Check out for guidelines.

(NOTE: If you're a developer listed on here who would like to be removed, just open an issue or message me privately.)

šŸ“– License and attribution

  This list is available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 License, meaning you are free to use it for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, without any attribution back to me (public domain). (If you ever want to reference me, find me here! [@bdougieYO]( But you are in no way required to do so.)