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Fatih Aygün

Twitter | StackExchange | | Mastodon | LinkedIn

Developer, musician, occasionally other things.


I'm a software developer currently working at Reaktor Lisbon. My screen nickname is cyco130, an example of how things you thought were cool when you were seventeen can follow you around for the rest of your life. Consider it a bad tattoo 🤷🏻‍♂️

I'm currently focusing on web programming, mostly using TypeScript. I love open source (my SourceForge account was created in 2003). I'm an occasional contributor to Vite and several other projects. My best known current open-source projects are:

  • 💃 Rakkas: a React metaframework powered by Vite
  • 🎩 HatTip: an HTTP server framework for all JavaScript runtimes
  • Vavite: a set of tools for developing and building server-side applications with Vite


I'm a retrocomputing aficionado and a huge Atari 8-bit and 6502 fan. My street cred comes from:

I'm still working on, from time to time:

Other dev stuff

I also love compilers and parsers, operating system development, and music-related DSP.


I'm a semi-retired rock musician with 25+ years on stage. I mainly play guitar and sing.

  • I gigged continuously since 2004 with several pub bands in Istanbul. MAT (alternative rock, 2004-2010), Scop (classic rock, 2016-pandemic) and S-Team (alternative rock, 2010-2023) are the ones I had the most fun with. I'm hoping to find a suitable band in Lisbon too.
  • I released two albums with MAT in 2007 and 2010.
  • I released a single with Kaçak in 2019.
  • I made commercial jingles for a few years. My most famous one was for Turkish Airlines in 2009 (I'm the singer and co-writer).
  • I home-produced several singles and albums for friends over the years.
  • I have a (neglected) SoundCloud account where I post occasional covers and originals ranging from classical to jazz to heavy metal, and from cringe to listenable.

Other stuff

  • I moved to Lisbon in April 2023. I mostly lived in Istanbul before that.
  • I went to Galatasaray High School, a renowned public boarding school in Istanbul.
  • I studied International Relations at Galatasaray University (but never graduated).
  • I'm fluent in Turkish, English, and French. I worked as a technical/legal translator between the three for a few years.
  • Linguistics is one of my hobbies. Yes, I have weird hobbies.
  • I can drink 20+ pint glasses of beer in a night, but I rarely do now.
  • I drink tea instead. In pint glasses. All day, every day.
  • I'm a recovering chain smoker. Six years and counting.


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