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ES NA Battlesnakes Deploy CodeQL

Battlesnakes created by a small team of GitHub Enterprise Support Engineers as a learning and team-building exercise.

Adding snakes

  1. Add snake directory within snakes
  2. Make new program config in supervisord.conf choosing a new port. Currently we have snakes in two languages (Ruby and Go)
    • Ruby snakes run on ports 4567+
    • Go snakes run on 8080+

Running snakes


  1. Run script/server to launch all snakes
  2. Make port public as needed to access from outside


  1. docker build -t battlesnake .
  2. docker run -p 4567:4567 -d battlesnake

Testing snakes

Beyond language and snake-specific testing, we also run simulated games to get quick feedback on how snakes are performing.

[Testing isntructions here]


Development environment:

Deployment environment:


Deployment πŸš€

To deploy a change to this repository, follow the general process laid out below:

  1. Create a new branch and pull request with your changes
  2. Observe CI to ensure it is passing
  3. Get an approval from from the required codeowners
  4. Run .deploy on your pull request to deploy your changes to production
  5. If you branch deployment completes successfully, merge your pull request!

To roll back a deployment to the last main version, run .deploy main.