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Remove dependency on build artifacts mirror (#24575)
This reverts #24106.

There was a regression in CircleCI's artifacts API recently where you
could no longer access artifacts without an authorization token. This
broke our size reporting CI job because we can't use an authorization
token on external PRs without potentially leaking it. As a temporary
workaround, I changed the size reporting job to use a public mirror of
our build artifacts.

The CircleCI API has since been fixed to no longer require
authorization, so we can revert the workaround.
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acdlite committed May 18, 2022
1 parent 357a613 commit a412d787e997da9e47e47886cf7a8fed2ccb6bee
Showing 2 changed files with 14 additions and 19 deletions.
@@ -127,19 +127,22 @@ jobs:
environment: *environment
- checkout
- run: yarn workspaces info | head -n -1 > workspace_info.txt
- *restore_node_modules
- run:
name: Download artifacts for base revision
# TODO: We can't use the normal download-build script here because it
# depends on the CircleCI artifacts API, which was recently changed to
# require authorization. And we can't pass an authorization token
# without possibly leaking it to the public, since we run sizebot on
# PRs from external contributors. As a temporary workaround, this job
# will pull the artifacts from a public mirror that I set up. But we
# should find some other solution so we don't have to maintain
# the mirror.
command: |
curl -L --retry 60 --retry-delay 10 --retry-max-time 600$(git merge-base HEAD origin/main)/artifacts/build.tgz | tar -xz
mv ./build ./base-build
git fetch origin main
cd ./scripts/release && yarn && cd ../../
scripts/release/download-experimental-build.js --commit=$(git merge-base HEAD origin/main)
mv ./build ./base-build
- run:
# TODO: The `download-experimental-build` script copies the npm
# packages into the `node_modules` directory. This is a historical
# quirk of how the release script works. Let's pretend they
# don't exist.
name: Delete extraneous files
command: rm -rf ./base-build/node_modules

- persist_to_workspace:
root: .
@@ -9,14 +9,6 @@ const {getArtifactsList, logPromise} = require('../utils');
const theme = require('../theme');

const run = async ({build, cwd, releaseChannel}) => {
theme.error('Missing required environment variable: CIRCLE_CI_API_TOKEN')

const artifacts = await getArtifactsList(build);
const buildArtifacts = artifacts.find(entry =>
@@ -32,7 +24,7 @@ const run = async ({build, cwd, releaseChannel}) => {
// Download and extract artifact
await exec(`rm -rf ./build`, {cwd});
await exec(
`curl -L $(fwdproxy-config curl) ${buildArtifacts.url} -H "Circle-Token: ${CIRCLE_TOKEN}" | tar -xvz`,
`curl -L $(fwdproxy-config curl) ${buildArtifacts.url} | tar -xvz`,

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