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GitHub Enterprise Server Backup Utilities

This repository includes backup and recovery utilities for GitHub Enterprise Server.

Note: The parallel backup and restore feature will require GNU awk and moreutils to be installed. Note that on some distributions/platforms, the moreutils-parallel package is separate from moreutils and must be installed on its own.

Note: the GitHub Enterprise Server version requirements have changed starting with Backup Utilities v2.13.0, released on 27 March 2018.


Backup Utilities implement a number of advanced capabilities for backup hosts, built on top of the backup and restore features already included in GitHub Enterprise Server.

  • Complete GitHub Enterprise Server backup and recovery system via two simple utilities:
    ghe-backup and ghe-restore.
  • Online backups. The GitHub appliance need not be put in maintenance mode for the duration of the backup run.
  • Incremental backup of Git repository data. Only changes since the last snapshot are transferred, leading to faster backup runs and lower network bandwidth and machine utilization.
  • Efficient snapshot storage. Only data added since the previous snapshot consumes new space on the backup host.
  • Multiple backup snapshots with configurable retention periods.
  • Backup commands run under the lowest CPU/IO priority on the GitHub appliance, reducing performance impact while backups are in progress.
  • Runs under most Linux/Unix environments.
  • MIT licensed, open source software maintained by GitHub, Inc.



If you find a bug or would like to request a feature in Backup Utilities, please open an issue or pull request on this repository. If you have a question related to your specific GitHub Enterprise Server setup or would like assistance with backup site setup or recovery, please contact our Enterprise support team instead.