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package main
import (
// helpFunc is a cli.HelpFunc that can be used to output the help CLI instructions for Terraform.
func helpFunc(commands map[string]cli.CommandFactory) string {
// Determine the maximum key length, and classify based on type
var otherCommands []string
maxKeyLen := 0
for key := range commands {
if _, ok := HiddenCommands[key]; ok {
// We don't consider hidden commands when deciding the
// maximum command length.
if len(key) > maxKeyLen {
maxKeyLen = len(key)
isOther := true
for _, candidate := range PrimaryCommands {
if candidate == key {
isOther = false
if isOther {
otherCommands = append(otherCommands, key)
// The output produced by this is included in the docs at
// website/source/docs/cli/commands/index.html.markdown; if you
// change this then consider updating that to match.
helpText := fmt.Sprintf(`
Usage: terraform [global options] <subcommand> [args]
The available commands for execution are listed below.
The primary workflow commands are given first, followed by
less common or more advanced commands.
Main commands:
All other commands:
Global options (use these before the subcommand, if any):
-chdir=DIR Switch to a different working directory before executing the
given subcommand.
-help Show this help output, or the help for a specified subcommand.
-version An alias for the "version" subcommand.
`, listCommands(commands, PrimaryCommands, maxKeyLen), listCommands(commands, otherCommands, maxKeyLen))
return strings.TrimSpace(helpText)
// listCommands just lists the commands in the map with the
// given maximum key length.
func listCommands(allCommands map[string]cli.CommandFactory, order []string, maxKeyLen int) string {
var buf bytes.Buffer
for _, key := range order {
commandFunc, ok := allCommands[key]
if !ok {
// This suggests an inconsistency in the command table definitions
// in commands.go .
panic("command not found: " + key)
command, err := commandFunc()
if err != nil {
// This would be really weird since there's no good reason for
// any of our command factories to fail.
log.Printf("[ERR] cli: Command '%s' failed to load: %s",
key, err)
key = fmt.Sprintf("%s%s", key, strings.Repeat(" ", maxKeyLen-len(key)))
buf.WriteString(fmt.Sprintf(" %s %s\n", key, command.Synopsis()))
return buf.String()