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Contributing to Home Assistant

Everybody is invited and welcome to contribute to Home Assistant. There is a lot to do...if you are not a developer perhaps you would like to help with the documentation on If you are a developer and have devices in your home which aren't working with Home Assistant yet, why not spend a couple of hours and help to integrate them?

The process is straight-forward.

  • Read How to get faster PR reviews by Kubernetes (but skip step 0 and 1)
  • Fork the Home Assistant git repository.
  • Write the code for your device, notification service, sensor, or IoT thing.
  • Ensure tests work.
  • Create a Pull Request against the dev branch of Home Assistant.

Still interested? Then you should take a peek at the developer documentation to get more details.

Feature suggestions

If you want to suggest a new feature for Home Assistant (e.g., new integrations), please open a thread in our Community Forum: Feature Requests. We use GitHub for tracking issues, not for tracking feature requests.