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Clean up wrong release note
Signed-off-by: ialidzhikov <>
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ialidzhikov committed May 6, 2022
1 parent b15d3b6 commit 22c2fd938882ecc3acee889295fa68654a52eade
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@@ -472,7 +472,6 @@ Service `ClusterIP` are unique, hence, trying to create a Service with a `Cluste
- Moving MixedProtocolLBService from alpha to beta ([#109213](, [@bridgetkromhout](
- New "field_validation_request_duration_seconds" metric, measures how long requests take, indicating the value of the fieldValidation query parameter and whether or not server-side field validation is enabled on the apiserver ([#109120](, [@kevindelgado](
- New feature gate, ServiceIPStaticSubrange, to enable the new strategy in the Service IP allocators, so the IP range is subdivided and dynamic allocated ClusterIP addresses for Services are allocated preferently from the upper range. ([#106792](, [@aojea](
- No ([#108432](, [@iXinqi]( [SIG Testing and Windows]
- OpenAPI definitions served by kube-apiserver now include enum types by default. ([#108898](, [@jiahuif](
- OpenStack Cinder CSI migration is now GA and switched on by default, Cinder CSI driver must be installed on clusters on OpenStack for Cinder volumes to work (has been since v1.21). ([#107462](, [@dims](
- PreFilter extension in the scheduler framework now returns not only status but also PreFilterResult ([#108648](, [@ahg-g](

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