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Overview, quality checks and static analysis for the ABAP programming language.

Automatically run quality checks and static analysis for each change and pull request in the repository.

The application works with SAP ABAP code serialized using abapGit.


abaplint will be triggered for each change, and report results back via the Status and Checks API.

This allows developers to easily see issues found.

Pricing Example

Your organization consists of 1000 users and there are 20 repositories containing ABAP code.
Grant the abaplint app access to only the 20 repositories.
If there are 10 ABAP developers pushing changes to the ABAP repositories, then there are 10 active users for this organization.
Note that all users from the organization with read access to the repositories will have access to the ABAP statistics.


Pricing and setup

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Public Repositories

Community Support

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