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GitHub Action

Cafe Bazaar Release

v1 Pre-release

Cafe Bazaar Release


Cafe Bazaar Release

Upload your app to cafe bazaar store


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: Cafe Bazaar Release

uses: matinzd/cafebazaar-release@v1

Learn more about this action in matinzd/cafebazaar-release
Choose a version

Upload android release to cafe bazaar store

You can upload your app to Cafebazaar using this github actions. It supports both .apk and .aab.


Parameter Description Required Default
cafebazaar-pishkhaan-api-secret Cafe Bazaar API Secret true N/A
app_file Path to APK/AAB file, by default it will pick first apk or aab in directories false ["**/*.apk","**/*.aab"]
staged_rollout_percentage Rollout percentage false 100
auto_publish Auto publish the package after approval false true
developer_note Developer note for when publishing for administrators false N/A
changelog_fa Changelog in persian false N/A
changelog_en Changelog in english false N/A

Feel free to open issues and make pull requests.