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GitHub Action

DeepSource Test Coverage Action

v1.1.2 Latest version

DeepSource Test Coverage Action


DeepSource Test Coverage Action

GitHub Action that uploads test coverage reports to DeepSource for the Test Coverage analyzer


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: DeepSource Test Coverage Action

uses: DeepSourceCorp/test-coverage-action@v1.1.2

Learn more about this action in DeepSourceCorp/test-coverage-action
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DeepSource Test Coverage Action


GitHub Action that enables you to upload your test coverage data to DeepSource easily. You must have the Test Coverage analyzer enabled on your repository for reporting to work. Please refer to the .deepsource.toml configuration reference for details.

If you're not using DeepSource yet, get started for free.


This Action assumes that the coverage file has already been generated after the tests have run. To integrate it in your workflow, define a step which refers to this Action in your workflow.yml file. We recommend that you use @master as the ref.

Ensure that you have added the DEEPSOURCE_DSN secret in your GitHub repository. It is available under Settings → Reporting tab of the repository page on DeepSource.

  - name: Report test coverage to DeepSource
    uses: deepsourcelabs/test-coverage-action@master
      key: python
      coverage-file: coverage.xml
      dsn: ${{ secrets.DEEPSOURCE_DSN }}

The possible inputs to this action are:

  • key (string, required): Programming language shortcode for which coverage is reported. e.g. python, go, javascript. See the docs for the current list of allowed values.
  • coverage-file (string, required): Path to the coverage data file. e. g. coverage.xml
  • dsn (string, required): DeepSource DSN of this repository.
  • fail-ci-on-error (boolean): Should the CI build fail if there is an error while uploading the report to DeepSource? Allowed values are: true, false. This is set to false by default.


This project is released under the MIT License.