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Lightlytics Publisher

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Lightlytics Publisher


Lightlytics Publisher

Publishes events to Lightlytics Producer


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: Lightlytics Publisher

uses: lightlytics/publisher@latest

Learn more about this action in lightlytics/publisher
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A GitHub Action used to send a Terraform plan output in JSON format and trigger a Simulation run in Lightlytics.

Action parameters and description

The Publisher Action required parameters input:

  • 'plan-json' - A Terraform plan in JSON format that was generated using the "terraform show -json ./terraform.plan > ./plan.json" command.
  • 'll-hosname' - The organization specific Lightlytics URL.
  • 'collection-token' - The AWS account's specific collection token (can be found on Lightlytics UI -> settings -> Integrations -> AWS Account -> collection token). The 'collection-token' needs to be added as a repository secret on the relevant repo. Use the ll-publisher Action as follows:
      - uses: lightlytics/publisher@v1.1
        id: ll-publisher
          plan-json: ./terraform/plan.json
          collection-token: ${{ secrets.LIGHTLYTICS_TOKEN }}
          github-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} #used locally to comment back to the Pull Request (you don't need to specify anything here).