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GitHub Action

Red Hat Helm Chart Certifier

v1 Latest version

Red Hat Helm Chart Certifier


Red Hat Helm Chart Certifier

Action for Red Hat Helm Chart Certification


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: Red Hat Helm Chart Certifier

uses: redhat-actions/chart-verifier@v1

Learn more about this action in redhat-actions/chart-verifier
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chart-verifier is a GitHub Action for verifying a Helm chart passes the Red Hat Helm chart certification checks.

You can read more about the chart-verifier tool at redhat-certification/chart-verifier.

The chart-verifier executable is packaged as a CLI tool, which can be installed from OpenShift Tools Installer action.


  1. Be logged into a Kubernetes cluster, with the KUBECONFIG environment variable set. (Can be skipped if you don't need kubeconfig related checks to pass.)
  2. Have a Helm chart to verify.
  3. Make sure that helm install succeeds on your cluster, and that any tests pass.


Input Description Default
chart_uri URI to Helm chart to verify. This can be a path to a local directory containing Chart.yaml, or an http(s) URI. Required
report_type The argument to pass to report. One of: all, annotations, digests, metadata, results. results
profile_name Run a different set of Chart checks. Refer to this list of profiles. For example, to run the latest profile-partner-*.yaml, pass "partner" in this input. None
profile_version Version of the profile_name to run. If profile_name is set but profile_version is not, the latest version is used. None
verify_args Extra arguments to pass to the verify command. Quotes and spaces must be used as they would for a regular shell invocation. verify --help is run at the beginning of each action run for reference. None
fail Set it to false to not fail the workflow step. If set to true, workflow will fail if at least one check is failed. true

Refer to:


report_file: Path to the YAML report file.

report_info_file: Path to the processed JSON report file.

passed: Number of passed checks.

failed: Number of failed checks.

Example Workflow Job

Refer to the example.

    name: Verify Helm Chart
    runs-on: ubuntu-20.04
      - uses: redhat-actions/oc-login@v1
          openshift_server_url: ${{ secrets.OPENSHIFT_SERVER }}
          openshift_token: ${{ secrets.OPENSHIFT_TOKEN }}

        # Install chart-verifier CLI
      - uses: redhat-actions/openshift-tools-installer@v1
          source: github
          chart-verifier: latest

      - uses: redhat-actions/chart-verifier@v1.0.0
          verify_args: --chart-set githubOwner=redhat-actions


If the verify step appears to be stuck, it is probably waiting for your chart to be installed successfully. The tool will wait up to 5 minutes by default for helm install to succeed.

Make sure your chart can be installed on the currently logged in cluster before using the chart-verifier.