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GitHub Action

Slack Messenger

v1.0.2 Latest version

Slack Messenger


Slack Messenger

Sends a slack message


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: Slack Messenger

uses: joshmgross/send-slack-message@v1.0.2

Learn more about this action in joshmgross/send-slack-message
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Send Slack Message

This is a GitHub action to send a Slack message using a Slack bot token.

Set up

See for information on setting up and installing a Slack Bot.


  • message: The Slack message to send

  • slack-token: The Slack bot user access token

  • channel: The Slack channel ID to send the message to

Example Usage

      - name: Post message
        uses: joshmgross/send-slack-message@main
          message: 'Hello world'
          channel: ${{ secrets.SLACK_CHANNEL_ID }}
          slack-token: ${{ secrets.SLACK_BOT_TOKEN }}