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AskGit allows you to chat with your software project via Slack. It can answer more than 50 questions about your projects, such as:

  • When was a specific file created?
  • Which maintainers are assigned the most issues?
  • What is changed in the repository in the last three weeks?
  • Which developers closed the most issues?
  • Who created a specific branch?
  • Which issues have been open the longest?

Easy Interaction

You don’t need to memorize commands or write scripts, simply phrase the question in your way while chatting with AskGit.

Simple to Install

AskGit can be installed in less than 2 minutes. For installation instruction please consult our installation tutorial.

Supports Individuals and Teams

AskGit can be used in a public channel with other team members or individually by interacting with it in the DMs.

All Your Projects in One Place

AskGit works on both public and private repositories, and can be linked to multiple repositories simultaneously for your own convenience.

Looking for Support?

Feel free to contact our support team at

Track your progress and get timely updates. Get insights about the team's progress quickly and efficiently with AskGit.

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Free for both public and private repositories

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