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Bitrise Checks

Building for mobile is different. Bitrise is purpose built CI/CD for mobile applications, for teams of all sizes and all major mobile technologies, including Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter and more.

Within minutes, build, test and deploy your apps for iOS or Android and get instant progress feedback through checks right here in Github.

Bitrise is free for Open Source projects and small teams and used by some of the world's biggest mobile apps and teams.

A connected Github repository (if you haven't done so, sign up to Bitrise here - it's free)

Why Bitrise?

The project scanner
When you first connect your repository to Bitrise, our project scanner will detect the technology you use and automatically configure your initial workflows. These will just work. Then customize and expand with custom code, or:

260+ Integrations
Bitrise integrates with over 260 services, tools and processes mobile developers use. Run Android UI tests, Deploy to Google Play and Send a message to Slack all with minimal configuration. Find the full list in the Step Library

We ❤️ Open Source

workflow editor: click and configure mobile testing and deployment workflows in minutes

Pricing and setup

Bitrise Checks logo preview
Bitrise Checks

Hobby Plan

The Hobby plan, for solo devs or small teams

  • Up to 200 builds per month
  • Builds timeout at 10 minutes
  • MacOS builds included
  • Unlimited apps and workflows

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