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Spend more time shipping and less time re-running flaky tests

BuildPulse the premier end-to-end flaky test solution. We help you detect flaky tests, provide impact metrics, mitigate impact with test quarantining, and help find root cause.

Integrates with all test frameworks including JavaScript (Cypress, Jest, Playwright), Ruby (minitest, RSpec), Go, Python, and others.

Works with GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Buildkite, and more - all languages and CI providers.

Find Root Cause

Easy access to build logs, first/last seen links, and slice & dice by service/team so you can get things back on track.


Stay up to date with stability trends delivered directly to your inbox each week. Monitor CI health across your organization, so you can focus your resources where they'll have the biggest impact.

Pays for itself in saved developer time

You may have other priorities than fixing flaky tests - we help you quarantine them so you don’t suffer in the meantime. Additionally, create tickets for JIRA, Linear, and Github Issues from our dashboard.

Why fix flaky tests?

Time consuming, delayed releases, unstable functionality, regression: flaky tests destroy developer experience / confidence in automated tests - usually from Front-end/UI, high concurrency, and unit tests. A stable product needs reliable tests.

+ Enjoy personalized support from BuildPulse's founder, get in touch!

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Pricing and setup

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300,000 test results/day

  • 300,000 test results/day
  • Everything in team plan
$299 / month

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