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AI Assisted

Tools that are superpowered with AI (artificial intelligence) to help you be a better developer.

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By MetabobProject

AI-powered code review and analysis tool for Python

3.1k installs

Tara AI


Collaborate as a team from requirement to release in one platform. Syncs to Github issues and your entire workflow in real-time

1.5k installs


By solven-eu

Automatic cleaning of code

288 installs

Sweep AI

By sweepai

An AI junior dev. Transform bug reports and feature requests into pull requests seamlessly by providing a description

3.4k installs

Code Autopilot

By codeautopilot

AI coding agents that work on top of your codebase

507 installs


By coderabbitai

Comprehensive line-by-line code review and conversation capabilities with the bot within your lines of code

2.1k installs

Exalate Two-Way Issue Sync [Jira, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, Zendesk, Salesforce & More]

By Exalate-team

Don't be confined by only no-code integration apps. Set up an integration with the help of scripts across Github andother tools

1.9k installs

Bright Security

By NeuraLegion

Bright is a powerful dynamic App and API security testing (DAST) platform that security teams trust and developers love

473 installs

Nightfall DLP: GitHub Secrets Scanner

By nightfallai

Nightfall automatically detects PII, credentials, secrets, and more in GitHub repos via machine learning. Free tier

69 installs

Follow Your Tribe

By Code-60N

Coding styles of popular open source code for your project

65 installs
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