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Cautious Broccoli

By explore-dev Creator verified by GitHub

Cautious Broccoli runs bug-free-tribble



By getsentry Creator verified by GitHub

This GitHub Action will take the current git changes and apply them as GitHub code review suggestions

123 stars
sysdiglabs image/svg+xml sysdig_Vert_Color_Logo_RGB_MED

Kubernetes Security Config Watch

By sysdiglabs Creator verified by GitHub

Run security privilege comparison against Kubernetes workloads when a PR is open

30 stars

Psalm – Static Analysis for PHP

By psalm Creator verified by GitHub

Run Psalm via GitHub Actions

70 stars

Azure DevOps Work Item linker

By solidify Creator verified by GitHub

This Github Action creates a Pull Request comment with a link to an Azure DevOps work item

5 stars

Nightfall DLP Action

By nightfallai Creator verified by GitHub

Scan Pull Requests for sensitive information, like credentials secrets, PII, credit card numbers, and more

55 stars

AWS Sustainability Scanner GitHub Action

By aws-actions Creator verified by GitHub

Run AWS Sustainability Scan against infrastructure as code as a pre-packaged GitHub Action

10 stars

SecureStack Log4j Vulnerability Analysis

By SecureStackCo Creator verified by GitHub

Scans your application for the presence of serious vulnerabilities in Log4j

15 stars

SecureStack Application Bill of Materials (ABOM/SBOM)

By SecureStackCo Creator verified by GitHub

Create an Application Bill of Materials (ABOM) with SecureStack

12 stars

DevCycle Feature Flag Insights for Pull Requests

By DevCycleHQ Creator verified by GitHub

Identifies changes in DevCycle Feature Flags within a PR, adds a comment to your PRs

20 stars
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