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Streamline your code deployment so you can focus on your product.

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Azure Pipelines

By AzurePipelines

Continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform and cloud


PR Scheduler

By PR-Scheduler

Lets developers schedule PRs to be merged at a specific date/time. Useful for scheduling posts on static blog frameworks

517 installs


By deploybot-app

Manage and automate Github Deployments across repos and organizations

187 installs


By Qovery

Test and Release Features 4x Faster with On-demand Environments

13.7k installs

Faable Deploy

By faablecloud

Fast deployment and hosting for Node.js. Compatible with Express and Fastify, connect your repository and enjoy

177 installs

By spacelift-io

Spacelift is a sophisticated and compliant infrastructure delivery platform for infrastructure as code

3.1k installs

Papio Pipelines

By papiocloudsoftware

Bringing the power of Jenkins to GitHub! Run Jenkinsfiles in a fully managed Jenkins instance

259 installs


By brainboard

Brainboard is a tool that allows you to visually design, deploy and manage infrastructures on any cloud, collaboratively

1k installs

Releasy Semantic

By releasy-work

Releasy - Semantic versioning of your software easily

57 installs


By DopplerHQ

Universal Secrets Manager that is the central source of truth for secrets across development, GitHub actions, and production

2.9k installs
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