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Crowdin is designed to be the only tool you need for automated and continuous localization.

It integrates seamlessly into your development process. Files for localization from the branches you choose are merged into a branch in your Crowdin project. Finished translations are automatically committed back to your repository as pull requests.

Crowdin is trusted by companies like Kickstarter, Avast, iFixit, Joomla and many more. Localize any type of software with the same tool.

Supports over 100 file formats

Upload files in any format, including .md, .xml, .json, .xliff, .csv, .php, .resx, .yml, .properties, .strings, and more.

Professional translators

Get your translators to work within Crowdin or choose one of the best translation agencies that work with us.

AI, Translation Memory and Machine Translation

Pre-translate your content so translators have less work to do and the translation process goes faster.

Context and glossary

Help translators better understand your product with screenshots, comments, and in-context. Ensure terminology consistency by adding a glossary.

Reports and tasks

Easily manage your project with reports to estimate and count translation costs, track translation progress, and more. Create tasks to set deadlines and assign strings to specific translators and reviewers.

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