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Managing teams to deliver projects/products on time is hard, but figuring out where your team collaboration is lacking can be even more painful. DeepAffects analyzes emotions and tones in issue description and comments to provide actionable insights to identify the high-resolution time issues, disagreements in the team.

DeepAffects is a team dynamics analytics application, for managers & team leads, to get issue-level emotional insights, to increase team dynamics & productivity.

Prioritize Issues

Get a prioritized list of issues, by analyzing emotions and tones in issue description and comments to predict whether the team is angry, frustrated, happy, etc.

Manage Issue Risk & Productivity

Monitor user conversations on Issues for disagreements to predict the issue resolution time. Address hidden risks that aren't evident until the team's productivity or customer relationships are severely compromised.

Team Metrics

Measure Happiness, Trust, and Conflicts among the team members, and how it is impacting the overall project. DeepAffects provides you insights to re-organize & build higher performing team.

Learn how your teams' emotions are affecting their projects.

Pricing and setup

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Metrics for Team Dynamics & Productivity

  • A.I driven prioritized Issue list
  • Weekly team communication report
  • Team Emotional Intelligence Profiles
  • Unlimited contributors
$49 per repository
/ month

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