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DevHub is a mobile and desktop app to help you manage GitHub notifications, issues and repo activities. Save custom searches, apply filters to cut the noise and only see what matters. Enable push notifications to not miss anything important.

It is cross-platform, available for iOS, Android, Web, macOS, Windows and Linux.


  • Multi-column layout: See at a quick glance everything that is going on (like TweetDeck!);
  • Inbox Zero: Clear all the seen items;
  • Filters: Apply different filters to each column (e.g. hide bot activity, filter by text, etc), make them show just what you want;
  • Notifications manager: See all the relevant information before opening the notification; filter by the ones that matters to you (author, mentioned, ...);
  • Repository watcher: Follow repositories' activities without using the watch feature so your notifications don't get cluttered;
  • Home/Dashboard: See yours or other users' home screen (a.k.a. GitHub Dashboard),
  • Save for later: Save any activity or notification for later;
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Do anything using only the keyboard;
  • Theme support: Choose between 6 light or dark themes;
Desktop - Multi-column view

Pricing and setup

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DevHub is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.