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Built specifically for QA, FlowUI is an all-in-one app which enables testers to write, and run iOS UI Automation tests. FlowUI is 100% blackbox and its design comes with the benefit that developer coding experience is not required by testers. There is zero additional setup or extra libraries needed to begin. Just double-click the app, and begin testing. The feel of FlowUI is similar to the KIF (Keep It Functional ) framework with a graphical IDE.

FLowUI is in Beta. Android support coming soon.

Features include:

App inspection

  • With intelligent built-in app inspection, testers know exactly on of view object to tap, type or assert without the need for accessibility viewers.

Instruction Grouping

  • The basic building blocks are instructions. These can combined into groups to perform more complex operations while maintaining simplicity via is hierarchical layout.
  • Groups of instructions can be saved to be reused, or even linked across multiple tests.
  • This ensures that changes in the app can be reflect across multiple tests by simply updating a single test.

Emulator/Simulator paralleled testing

  • Run any number of simulators the system can handle to speed up tests runs.

Easy localization

  • Instruction that makes up the test can be localized to any language supported by iOS.

If there is much interest in this project, it will be Open-sourced thereby enabling community enhancement requests.

Full Demo here ->

Main screen

Pricing and setup

FlowUI logo preview

Community Edition

This version is free everyone. It's our way of giving back to the Open Source community.

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FlowUI is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support contact.