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Gagam AI

Gagam AI, the Github application powered by OpenAI! With Gagam, developers can receive AI-powered insights and solutions for newly opened issues as comments in Github repositories. Our integration with OpenAI's natural language processing technology provides relevant suggestions and even code examples to better understand issues and error messages, helping you save valuable time and effort in troubleshooting. With Gagam, you can improve your coding productivity and get faster solutions.

Gagam is a Github application that uses OpenAI's natural language processing technology to provide AI-powered insights and potential solutions for newly opened issues in Github repositories in the form of automated comments. With Gagam, developers can receive immediate assistance and guidance, saving them time and effort in the troubleshooting process.

Gagam's integration with OpenAI allows it to provide relevant suggestions and code examples based on the programming languages/technology used in the repository. This means that Gagam's recommendations are tailored to the specific context of the issue, increasing the likelihood of a successful resolution.

However, we understand that sometimes you may prefer not to receive Gagam responses for some of your issues. For this reason, you can easily prevent Gagam from responding to your issues by including one of the following hashtags in the text of your issue: #noai, #nogagam, #nogagamio, or #nogagamai.

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Pricing and setup

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Free use on all your public and private repositories

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Gagam AI is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.