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A comments system powered by GitHub Discussions. Let visitors leave comments and reactions on your website via GitHub!

  • Open source. 🌏
  • No tracking, no ads, always free. 📡 🚫
  • No database needed. All data is stored in GitHub Discussions. :octocat:
  • GitHub themes: light, dark, dark dimmed, and more! 🌗
  • Only ~40KB total chunks size. ⚡
  • Automatically fetches new comments and edits from GitHub. 🔃

how it works

When giscus loads, the GitHub Discussions search API is used to find the Discussion associated with the page based on a chosen mapping (URL, pathname, <title>, etc.). If a matching discussion cannot be found, the giscus bot will automatically create a discussion the first time someone leaves a comment or reaction.

To comment, visitors must authorize the giscus app to post on their behalf using the GitHub OAuth flow. Alternatively, visitors can comment on the GitHub Discussion directly. You can moderate the comments on GitHub.


Pricing and setup

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giscus is free, forever!

Next: Confirm your installation location.

giscus is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.