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LogRocket lets you replay problems as if they happened in your own browser. Instead of guessing why errors happen, or asking users for screenshots and log dumps, you can replay sessions to quickly understand what went wrong.

LogRocket records pixel-perfect videos of user activity along with console logs, JavaScript errors, network requests, and browser metadata. It also has deep integrations with React, Redux, Angular and Vue.js to record application state.

LogRocket integrates with error reporting tools like Sentry and Bugsnag to add
video and logs to every bug report.

Support Integrations

LogRocket integrates with Intercom, Zendesk and other support tools so when a user
writes-in needing help, you can watch exactly what they’re seeing and guide them
to a solution.

Improve key flows and discover UX issues

LogRocket lets you search and filter based on events like show me users who did my onboarding but didn’t convert, and automatically detects moments of user frustration like rage clicks and broken buttons.

GitHub Integration

With the GitHub integration, you can create a GitHub issue directly from LogRocket when you notice a bug that needs to be fixed.

Attaching LogRocket reports to your GitHub issues means no more ambiguous issues or the dreaded “needs reproduction” label- you can see exactly what the user saw along with the logs you need to understand what happened.

LogRocket screenshot

Pricing and setup

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1,000 sessions/month

  • 1 team member
  • 1 month data retention

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LogRocket is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support contact.