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Meercode | CI Monitoring

Meercode App Ever wanted to monitor multiple Github Actions workflows on a single dashboard? Meercode lets you visualize your running and completed workflows, on a clean and beautiful UI.


  • Monitor running workflows for the duration, estimated completion time, and overtime status.
  • Monitor recently completed workflows for status, duration, and completion date/time.
  • Cancel or restart workflows directly from the dashboard.
  • Add/remove repositories to watch.
  • Create a shareable link of the dashboard to share with team members or project it to office TV.


  • Developers easily monitor the status of triggered builds.
  • Increases team collaboration. Team members can see what their teammates are building.
  • Provides a simple but powerful way to monitor the throughput of the team for managers.

Get Started

  • No configuration is necessary. Sign-in with your Github account and start monitoring.
  • Free to use for an unlimited number of public and up to 15 private repositories.
Meercode | CI Monitoring screenshot

Pricing and setup

Meercode | CI Monitoring logo preview
Meercode | CI Monitoring


For small businesses

  • 15 Private Repository
  • Unlimited Public Repository
  • CI Analytics
  • Public Share
$29 per seat
/ month

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