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Pullpo for Slack

Merge your pull requests faster for free.

1 PR = 1 Slack Channel to collaborate seamlessly.

With Pullpo, each pull request automatically creates a Slack channel with all the involved people so they can collaborate seamlessly. In this channel,

Keep your team up to date.

In this channel, Pullpo will share all the relevant information on the PR (GitHub actions, new commits, code comments…) so that everyone is up to date.

Get started in no time

Add the GitHub app and the Slack app to your organization and start collaborating!

PULLPO. The best way to collaborate on pull requests.

Pricing and setup

Pullpo for Slack logo preview
Pullpo for Slack


For small and ambitious teams.

For organizations only

  • 1 PR = 1 Slack Channel to collaborate seamlessly
  • Real time Slack notifications
  • Alerts on unwanted practices

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Pullpo for Slack is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support contact.