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Restyled integrates into your usual Pull Request workflow to keep your codebase consistent. Missed a semi-colon? Incorrect indentation? Restyled will fix that up in a sibling Pull Request that you can merge into yours.

Working in a style-consistent codebase is a joy, keeping it that way not so much. How much time do you spend talking about your team's bespoke style, nit-picking style violations on PRs? Meanwhile, great auto-formatting tools exist for most languages, and they're getting better every day. Why not run them over every file on every change?

If you buy into this theory, you might expend a lot of effort setting up editor integrations or git pre-commit hooks, only to find that Pull Requests opened by other members of your team don't go through the same automation. Restyled takes a complimentary approach to any local tooling you may use: for any opened Pull Request, it will run language-appropriate auto-formatters over all changed files. Any differences will be opened as another Pull Request with yours as its base. To fix up your style, just hit that Big Green Button. screenshot

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Restyle Pull Requests in all your public or private repositories

  • Addition memory, for restyling large or many files
$29 / month

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