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When you connect with GitHub, you can measure your team’s performance against engineering KPIs and benchmarks, including velocity, quality, and scale. You can identify bottlenecks in your release process — like slow code reviews — and take immediate action, so you can ship faster and more efficiently.

Get started in just a few minutes

Connect GitHub and get your first insights in just a few minutes. No sales demo or credit card required.

Measure the impact of new tools

See how changes to your engineering organization impact performance over time. Roll out new hiring plans, AI coding tools, platforms, and processes with greater confidence.

Remove bottlenecks and unlock new growth

Setting up the right systems and tools sits at the heart of the developer experience. Development observability helps you uncover hidden bottlenecks and create an environment where every developer can be their most productive.

Stay on top of work in progress

Create working agreements to better manage work in progress and keep shipping apps at the same rate as you scale. Connect a Slack workspace to keep your team in the loop with daily and weekly digests for open pull requests.

Build high-performing teams

Better business outcomes are driven by teams that ship predictable and consistent results. Set up standardized metrics across your organization that help teams measure and improve development performance on their own.

See your company's engineering metrics. Compare quarterly and annual development performance.

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We offer free-forever plans and paid plans with extra features and longer data retention.

For organizations only

  • Insights for you organization
  • Engineering performance KPIs
  • Up to 90 days of history

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