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Maverick is the AI reviewer of your GitHub pull requests. It reads and comments on new PRs you submit in real-time to catch issues you might have missed as early as possible.

For modern software engineering teams, cycle time is the enemy of speed, and progress is often hindered by PRs waiting for review.

Maverick allows you to accelerate pull request cycles. It understands the context of your pull requests by ingesting relevant code and user-provided comments. In return, it provides its opinion about the changes made along with specific, actionable suggestions for improvement.

Maverick is able to:

  1. Spot and suggest corrections for unintentional bugs.
  2. Call out repetitive code and opportunities for better abstractions.
  3. Identify redundant imports, variables, and functions.
  4. Provide stylistic comments to help improve the readability of your code.

We're excited to continue improving Maverick's quality and functionality. Please shoot us an email at with any requests or feedback.

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Pricing and setup

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A free tier for developers

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WithMaverick is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.