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Bring GitHub into your conversations.

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Slack + GitHub

By github

Connect your code without leaving Slack

301k installs

Microsoft Teams for GitHub

By github

Connect your code without leaving Microsoft Teams

23.4k installs


By giscus

A commenting system powered by GitHub Discussions

14.2k installs


By GitLiveApp

Development teams merge faster with GitLive

14.1k installs


By swarmia

Engineering insights across GitHub, Jira/Linear, and Slack

1.7k installs

Axolo for Slack

By axolo-co

Slack Collaboration app for Pull Requests. Reduce pick-up time and organize daily standups around open PRs

1.1k installs


By chatcody

Efficient code review made easy with a GPT-based chat bot for pull requests. Streamline the process, save time, and deliver h

489 installs

GitGab Bot

By PhilGabardo

Connect your Github repos to ChatGPT

479 installs

wxwork github webhook

By tlikai


404 installs

Swit Team collaboration

By SwitAdmin

Team collaboration

224 installs
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