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Code quality

Automate your code review with style, quality, security, and test‑coverage checks when you need them.

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By re-factor

Worry Less, Code More

Eave FYI

By eave-fyi

Automated Technical Documentation with A Single App

17 installs

By Sysmagine

Language aware diff that hides irrelevant changes, detects moved code, and highlights refactorings

20 installs


By branchboard

Collaborative diagramming documentation for developers

Code Genius Testing | React

By Code-Genius-AI

Our app creates unit tests at the PR (Pull Request) time

By SingularityX-ai

Embrace a future where your docs sparkle as bright as your code

17 installs


By gitinsights-io

A summary of your team's Github contributions, delivered to your inbox weekly

68 installs

Refactory - PR Assistant

By CoderBotics-ai

Convert your PR into a masterpiece

HTML Class Sorter

By LygomCo

Why bother sort your classes? Let me do it for you

Buildkite Test Analytics

By buildkite

Real-time test tracking

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