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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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Code Climate

By codeclimate

Automated code review for technical debt and test coverage


Codecov | Code Coverage

By codecov

Automatic test report merging for all CI and languages into a single code coverage report directly into your pull request



By codacy

Automated code reviews to help developers ship better software, faster



By codequest-eu

Code review expert on demand. Automated for mobile and web

11.7k installs


By lemurheavy

Ensure that new code is fully covered, and see coverage trends emerge. Works with any CI service

13.3k installs


By PullRequestInc

Expert On-Demand Code Review as a Service

1.6k installs


By AccessLint

Find accessibility issues in your pull requests

5.3k installs


By codescene-saas

A software engineering intelligence tool tool to identify and prioritize technical debt and evaluate your efficiency

8.8k installs


By MetabobProject

AI-powered code review and analysis tool for Python

3.1k installs

Pull Checklist

By media-market-ltd

Smart checklists and automations for your PRs and Issues

479 installs


By CommitCheckApp

CommitCheck ensures your commit messages are consistent and contain all required information

1.2k installs


By datreeio

YAML configs and K8s manifests validation tool

2k installs

Review Notebook App

By ReviewNB

Code Review and Collaboration for Jupyter Notebooks

9.8k installs


By Mergifyio

Pull requests automation service. Merge your pull requests faster with automatic merges and a merge queue

5.4k installs

By gitpod-io

Always ready to code - Spin up fresh cloud development environments for each task, fully automated, in seconds

73k installs


By deepsourcelabs

The Code Health platform - Everything you need to build maintainable and secure software

38.3k installs

PR Chat

By prchat

Monitor and discuss your Pull Requests right within Slack

117 installs


By pullflow

AI-enhanced code review collaboration across GitHub, Slack and VS Code

159 installs

Axolo for Slack

By axolo-co

Slack Collaboration app for Pull Requests. Reduce pick-up time and organize daily standups around open PRs

1.1k installs

Naming Conventions Bot

By conventionsbot

Automatically validates pull requests, branches and commit messages in your Github repositories

250 installs

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