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Continuous integration

Automatically build and test your code as you push it to GitHub, preventing bugs from being deployed to production.

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By circleci

Automatically build, test, and deploy your project in minutes


Travis CI

By travis-ci

Test and deploy with confidence

379k installs

Azure Pipelines

By AzurePipelines

Continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform and cloud


Google Cloud Build

By GoogleCloudBuild

Build, test, and deploy in a fast, consistent, and secure manner

115k installs


By Shopify

Build themes and custom storefronts faster with Shopify for GitHub. Connect any repository, then push to deploy

75k installs

Codemagic CI/CD

By NevercodeHQ

Cloud-based continuous integration and delivery for Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Cordova and Ionic projects

56.4k installs


By buddy-works

One-click delivery automation for Web Developers

14.3k installs


By Qovery

Test and Release Features 4x Faster with On-demand Environments

13.3k installs


By appveyor

Cloud service for building, testing and deploying Windows apps

12.2k installs

App Center

By VSAppCenter

Continuously build, test, release, and monitor apps for every platform

10.5k installs
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