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Dependency management

Secure and manage your third-party dependencies.

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Grit App

By getgrit

Software maintenance on autopilot

779 installs


By getadaptly

Copilot for dependency updates

36 installs


By arsawatt-software

LocaleBadger automates the internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) of software repositories: Rails, Gatsby, React

Contrast Security SCA

By Contrast-Security-OSS

Automated software composition analysis at scale

120 installs


By ossillate-inc

Hardens your repo, detects dependency confusion and typo-squatting attempts, blocks malicious/risky open-source dependencies


By infieldai

Upgrade dependencies safely and easily with Infield-verified changelogs

40 installs

Devbox Cloud

By jetpack-io

Spin up a cloud development environment on the edge in seconds. 100% reproducible and powered by Nix

72 installs


By phylum-dev

Automate software supply chain security to prevent malware, vulnerabilities, and other risks

137 installs


By stackaid

Fund all your open source dependencies

144 installs


By CanarysAutomations

This Azure Function App helps you to integrate Dependabot alerts to your slack channels

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