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By licensebat

Effortless dependency compliance with your license policies

608 installs

Git X-Modules

By tmate

A better way to manage modular Git projects

293 installs

Socket Security

By SocketDev

Protect your app from malicious open source dependencies

3k installs


By debricked

Automatically identify, fix and prevent vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies

2k installs

Private Dependency Graph

By conformal-link

Resolves dependencies/dependents in your GitHub organization

105 installs

Scantist Thompson

By scantist

Proactive vulnerability management and license compliance for your third-party components

451 installs


By dpulls

Mark a pull request as depending on another

158 installs


By threatrix

Audit quality, snippet level, open source security and license compliance in build-time with auto-remediation

27 installs

Container Registry

By container-registry

Best-in-class CNCF Harbor based Container Image Management for individuals, teams and organizations

40 installs


By phylum-dev

Automate software supply chain security to prevent malware, vulnerabilities, and other risks

70 installs


By renovatebot

Keep dependencies up-to-date with automated Pull Requests

29k installs


By snyk

Find, fix (and prevent!) known vulnerabilities in your code

158k installs


By MyGet

Artifact and Package Repositories: Hosted NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, PHP, VSIX, Python PyPI and RubyGems feeds

958 installs


By depfu

Automated dependency updates done right

2.6k installs


By Bing-ok

A bot, which diagnoses dependency conflict issues for Maven-Java projects (

47 installs

Dart Email validator

By Mhassanbughio

A simple (but correct) Dart class for validating email addresses without using RegEx. Can also be used to validate emails wit

101 installs

Releases Tracker

By kirillgroshkov

Keep track of new releases

232 installs

JS Bundle Analyzer

By smooth-code

Keep your webpack bundle optimized over time

685 installs


By tidelift

Enterprise-ready open source software—managed for you

634 installs

DepChecker Bot

By ryanjyost

Find and fix npm dependency issues during code reviews

232 installs

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