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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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Azure Pipelines

By AzurePipelines

Continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform and cloud


PR Scheduler

By PR-Scheduler

Lets developers schedule PRs to be merged at a specific date/time. Useful for scheduling posts on static blog frameworks

523 installs


By deploybot-app

Manage and automate Github Deployments across repos and organizations

193 installs


By Qovery

Test and Release Features 4x Faster with On-demand Environments

13.3k installs

Papio Pipelines

By papiocloudsoftware

Bringing the power of Jenkins to GitHub! Run Jenkinsfiles in a fully managed Jenkins instance

260 installs

IONOS Deploy Now

By ionos-deploy-now

Deploy sites and apps instantly via GitHub Actions to IONOS infrastructure

5.9k installs


By DopplerHQ

Universal Secrets Manager that is the central source of truth for secrets across development, GitHub actions, and production

2.9k installs

Faable Deploy

By faablecloud

Fast deployment and hosting for Node.js. Compatible with Express and Fastify, connect your repository and enjoy

181 installs

Releasy Semantic

By releasy-work

Releasy - Semantic versioning of your software easily

56 installs


By brainboard

Brainboard is a tool that allows you to visually design, deploy and manage infrastructures on any cloud, collaboratively

1k installs

Uffizzi Cloud

By UffizziCloud

Make everyday a release day. 5x your release frequency with ephemeral preview environments for every PR

2k installs

By spacelift-io

Spacelift is a sophisticated and compliant infrastructure delivery platform for infrastructure as code

3.2k installs

By Scalr

Centralize Terraform administration while decentralizing operations

1.2k installs

Container Registry

By container-registry

Best-in-class CNCF Harbor based Container Image Management for individuals, teams and organizations

71 installs


By BuildJet

Managed high-performance runners for Github Actions

2k installs

Proven Cloud - Login

By ProvenDevSecOps

Sign in to Proven with GitHub

AI Release Notes

By rainbow-labs

Release notes generated using the commit history in a PR and AI

Cloud 66 for Rails

By cloud66

Build, deploy, and maintain your Rails apps on any cloud or server


By FlaptasticApps

Manage flaky unit tests. Click a checkbox to instantly disable any test on all branches. Works with your current test suite

65 installs

Merge Freeze

By Merge-Freeze

The code freeze tool to block merging and deployments

1.4k installs

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