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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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Secure Code Warrior for GitHub

By SecureCodeWarrior

Resolve vulnerabilities faster with highly relevant in-app secure coding learning

689 installs

Coding Rooms

By codingrooms

The first virtual classroom for teaching programming

23.7k installs


By peer-graph-hq

Simplest way to run peer feedback in your organization

42 installs

By Stensal

Debug C/C++ Memory Errors In Minutes, Not In Hours

279 installs


By yogykwan

Peer code review tool for programming courses

320 installs

By nimit95

Social News website for developers and Github fans

By Highload-fun

A platform for developers competitions in optimizations

255 installs

Reach.Live - Host Tech Talks Live & On-Demand

By reach-live

Reach.Live allows engineers to learn and share their programming skills with each other

Decentralized Internet

By Mentors4EDU

An NPM library of programs to create decentralized web and distributed computing projects

753 installs


By Reflection-For-Prompts

Engage and advance students learning through prompts sent to them when they push

176 installs


By antoncoding

Kepp yourself motivated for the next commit

81 installs

TIL: Today I Learned

By sanketplus

Today I Learned helps you document things you learn everyday (requires browser extension)

383 installs

By bootdotdev

Learn to code in the browser

5.5k installs

By dosco

Blog for Coders


By rswarthout

XRPL ledger transaction explanations

94 installs


By Archbee

Archbee enables your team to easily build beautiful product documentation sites, internal wikis, knowledge bases, API refs

334 installs

SecureFlag Knowledge Base

By secureflag-training

Contextual software security training for issues and pull requests

64 installs

Simplab Integration

By Simplab

GitHub App for integration with Simplab infrastructure

20 installs

A Byte of Coding

By vonadz

A Byte of Coding is a daily programming newsletter that is manually curated

87 installs

Página de dívidas sobre tecnologia

By Renan30

Página de tecnologia

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