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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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By POEditor

Manage your software localization collaboratively

4.4k installs


By gitlocalize

Continuous Localization for GitHub projects


By localazy

Manage your i18n and localization needs from one place with Localazy ®

3.2k installs


By crowdin

Agile localization for your projects

29.7k installs


By nicolasblanco

A Fast Search and Replace Tool For Your Projects

93 installs

Localyzer Express

By i18nexpressLingoport

(Alpha Version) Lingoport continuous translation/localization for your application resource files (.properties, .resx ...)

55 installs


By buhrmi

A simple editor to edit your Rails localization files

My Acclaro Translations

By AcclaroInc

Submit source content for localization to Acclaro and receive translations in GitHub through commits and pull requests

Lilt Github App

By lilt

Translate your content without leaving GitHub

34 installs

Globalyzer i18n Express

By i18nexpressLingoport

Globalyzer is used by many global technology companies to find and fix i18n issues before localization and testing

57 installs


By macmillen

Sync your translations to GitHub

37 installs


By Redlyf85

My first project

15 installs

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