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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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By MengAndJie

Github iOS Client based on Github REST V3 API and GraphQL V4 API

11.8k installs


By devhubapp

Desktop and Mobile apps to keep an eye on Repo Activities, Issues and Notifications (like TweetDeck)

9.5k installs

Bitrise Checks

By bitrise-io

Bitrise Checks brings Bitrise's mobile CICD into GitHub: Kick off workflows and see build results right there

4.1k installs


By codeitcodes

Mobile code editor connected to Git

1.1k installs


By Instabug

Instabug is a reliable bug reporting and user feedback SDK that enables testers and users to report issues from within the app

708 installs


By Guardsquare

Mobile app security scanning built for developers with intuitive issue navigation and clear, actionable feedback

420 installs

NotesHub: Notes App

By NotesHubApp

Fully cross-platform, vendor-agnostic, markdown-based note-taking app with deep GitHub integration

393 installs


By payvost

Payment gateway built on blockchain technology

313 installs

Vigil - Secret Video Recorder

By devsigofficial

Vigil allows you to record videos in background mode or when the phone is in a locked state

233 installs

Emerge Tools

By EmergeTools

Monitor and optimize mobile app performance, get alerted of regressions before they reach your users

173 installs

By cobrowseio

Cobrowse for Android, iOS and Web

153 installs


By pokemaniac05

This app is a rolling-release distribution of Octodroid (unofficial open-source Github client for Android devices)

32 installs

Beetle App

By karacca

Collect feedback and bug reports on your Android apps into your GitHub Issues

23 installs

My Device Access Gateway

By lokumnin

My Device Access Gateway in addition to SIM pins and lockscreen password


By Tatiana-Gourianova

the training and rehabilitation of disorders of binocular and monocular vision


By cscTournament

medical appfor the training and rehabilitation of disorders of binocular and monocular vision (with strabismus and amblyopia)

Woyanay Tigray Media

By Woyanaytigray


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