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Monitor the impact of your code changes. Measure performance, track errors, and analyze your application.

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By GitGuardian

The #1 GitHub Security App – Find and fix hardcoded secrets in your GitHub repositories

317k installs


By getsentry

Real-time, cross-platform crash reporting and error logging

36k installs


By LogRocket

Record videos of user sessions with enhanced logging information

10.2k installs


By airbrake

Frictionless error monitoring and performance insights for your entire app stack

6.3k installs


By rollbar

Discover and Respond to Errors in Real Time Starting at $0/mo

5.6k installs

Drata (Version Control)

By drata

The Drata (Version Control) app uses read-only repo access to continuously monitor your SOC 2 compliance posture

2.9k installs

By swdotcom

Automated development KPIs and metrics to improve productivity

1.8k installs

Meercode | CI Monitoring

By meercodeio

Meercode is the ultimate dashboard for your GitHub Actions | Starting at $0/month

1.6k installs


By sleuth-io

Track and improve engineering efficiency

1.5k installs

GraphQL Inspector

By kamilkisiela

Validate schemas, get schema change notifications, validate operations and fragments, find breaking changes

1.3k installs
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