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Project management

Organize, manage, and track your project with tools that build on top of issues and pull requests.

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Doria Helpdesk

By azatntnyn

Ticketing system in Slack

MyRepoBot for Discord

By redwerk

Connect Github to Discord, configure notifications, and keep up with your repositories updates

Manta PR Slack Notifier

By manta-tech

A simple and lean app that allows teams to view pull request statuses on Slack without getting spammed with notifications

10 installs

Rewatch for GitHub

By rewatchtv

Create, link, and sync GitHub issues with Rewatch videos, action items, and comment threads

Git Analytics

By valor-sh

A Simple Productivity Analytics for Dev Teams. Use GPT to rate your team on GitHub. Get easy insights on everyone's work

Planyway for GitHub

By RsoftwareLLP

Intuitive visual tool for project management: resource planning, advanced roadmaps and calendar for Github

59 installs


By zyazilim

The ultimate app for no-code automation. Seamlessly connect your favorite apps and automate tasks with ease

17 installs

Flyle Integration

By flyle-io

This GitHub Apps is an application designed to integrate GitHub Issue with Flyle, a product management tool

Bloomfilter Platform

By Bloomfilter-Engineering

Increase The Transparency, Predictability, and Efficiency of Software Development with AI Driven Process Mining


By middlewarehq

Middleware is a product for engineering leaders to prevent delivery delays and people burnouts

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