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By GitbookIO

Sync your markdown files and transform them into beautiful docs with one click

39.6k installs

HackMD Hub

By hackmdio

HackMD lets the community collaborate on your documentation in real-time

20.9k installs


By utterance

A lightweight comments widget using GitHub issues

20.4k installs


By giscus

A commenting system powered by GitHub Discussions

14.2k installs


By Pageclip

Save information from your website via forms or front-end JavaScript

4.6k installs

Plug in Git for Shopify

By pemberton-rank

Two-way Shopify <> GitHub sync

545 installs

HTML/CSS to Image

By htmlcsstoimage

Generate images from code

539 installs

Links for Confluence

By moveworkforward

Brings information from Github to Confluence from Atlassian

503 installs


By internet-de-france

Website editor on top of Github pages

429 installs


By Archbee

Archbee enables your team to easily build beautiful product documentation sites, internal wikis, knowledge bases, API refs

425 installs
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