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Find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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By saml-to

Developer Friendly AWS Role Assumption

35 installs

Seal Security Bot

By seal-community

Seal helps you remediate open source vulnerabilities without enduring difficult upgrades - Easy creating, vuln scanning and sharing of SBOMs.

By codenotary - Simplify SBOM Management and sharing incl. vuln-scanning with GitHub Actions

Veracode Workflow App

By veracode

Automate scans at scale by using our Veracode app to orchestrate scans across your entire portfolio

Open Buckets

By openbuckets is a security tool for identifying vulnerabilities in cloud storage buckets across various platform


By sentinelus

The ready-made integration for your github project that will help you improve the quality and reliability of your

HCP Vault Secrets

By hashicorp

Centralize secrets and access them when and where you need across development, Github Actions, and production environments

262 installs


By AlphaRora

Panaptico provides comprehensive protection across your cloud infrastructure

Pixeebot | Automated code fixes.

By pixee

Your Automated Product Security Engineer

617 installs

Panoptica GitHub

By cisco-panoptica

Scan IaC in your repository to detect security issues, prioritize risks, and prevent risky configurations before deployment

39 installs
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