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Find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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Rewind Backups for GitHub (Formerly BackHub)

By backhub

Automatic daily backups of your GitHub repos and metadata with on-demand restores to protect your business


Cloudback Backup

By cloudback

Automatic backups of your repos, metadata and even LFS. Backup to AWS, Azure, OneDrive, GCP, and more. Instant restores

883 installs


By guardrailsio

GuardRails provides continuous security feedback for modern development teams

3.1k installs


By semgrep

Code scanning at ludicrous speed. Find bugs and reachable dependency vulnerabilities. Enforce standards on every commit

5.4k installs FREE Backup for GitHub

By xoperosoftware

Automatic, daily repo and metadata backup - no maintenance needed: fast restore, DR, AWS, and S3 cloud storage support

915 installs


By getappmap

Runtime Code Review

145 installs

Socket Security

By SocketDev

Protect your app from malicious open source dependencies

4.3k installs


By GitGuardian

The #1 GitHub Security App – Find and fix hardcoded secrets in your GitHub repositories

315k installs


By bridgecrewio

Find and fix security and compliance issues in Terraform, AWS Cloudformation, ARM templates, Kubernetes, and more

5.1k installs

Bright Security

By NeuraLegion

Bright is a powerful dynamic App and API security testing (DAST) platform that security teams trust and developers love

473 installs
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Aqua Build Security

By aquasecurity

Creator verified by GitHub

Trivy scanner with upload to to Aquasec Build Security

6 stars

Run cfsec with sarif upload

By aquasecurity

Creator verified by GitHub

Run cfsec against terraform code base and upload the sarif output to the github repo

2 stars

insightCloudSec Scan

By rapid7

Creator verified by GitHub

Scans a cloudformation template and saves results to disk.

10 stars

Veracode Profile Sandboxes Helper

By veracode

Creator verified by GitHub

A set of actions and activities to manage sandboxes in the context of a workflow processes


defectdojo findings threshold

By portswigger-cloud

Creator verified by GitHub

A GitHub Action that evaluates the active findings against thresholds set by the user


Coverity json-output-v7 Report

By synopsys-sig

Creator verified by GitHub

Parse Coverity json-output-v7 and report on the results within GitHub

6 stars

Aikido Security Github Action

By AikidoSec

Creator verified by GitHub

This action triggers a scan in Aikido. It will throw an error if any new critical issues were found

5 stars
sysdiglabs image/svg+xml sysdig_Vert_Color_Logo_RGB_MED

Kubernetes Security Config Watch

By sysdiglabs

Creator verified by GitHub

Run security privilege comparison against Kubernetes workloads when a PR is open

30 stars

Authorize Commit Signing

By gobeyondidentity

Creator verified by GitHub

Verify signature of a signed commit using Beyond Identity.

5 stars

KSOC Image Scan

By ksoclabs

Creator verified by GitHub

KSOC scans for CVEs in your images as part of your GitHub Actions CI workflow

2 stars
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